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Kresten Osgood Playlists

Kresten Osgood, a well-known Danish jazz musician and record producer, was invited for our Copenhagen launch to speak and play a selection of his own musical collaborations. Kresten gave an insight to his first-hand experience of the TCA-M Loudspeaker and his work with Masabumi Kikuchi.

Working with Kresten on the TCA-M Preference Target Curves, he explained the importance of pauses in music, and in a booklet Kresten has written titled “TRANSPARANS”, he writes about metatempi as a key feature of Paul Motian’s playing style on the drums redefining the timbre palette available. What prompted this conversation was that Kresten could hear, in his own record, these important pauses and metatempi reproduced with the TCA-M speakers.

The piece titled No. 8 in the album below produced by Kresten Osgood, became a listening reference to create the TCA-M Preference Target Curve, built-in and selectable among others when using the speakers.

This playlist gives an insight to the versatility and talent of Kresten Osgood as a drummer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. See more here.

Reading the words below, we just had to add the Hugo Rasmussen, Precious Heroes playlist.

He could identify any musician on any recording before 1960.
"His all-time favorite bass player was Oscar Petiford. He went on vacation with my mom and her husband twice without me. He liked to play acoustic. He said that the most important thing to do was to behave properly. He was a collector...of everything...from shirts, to hats, to records, to musical instruments. He had the biggest sound. When he was lying in the hospital bed dying from cancer he gave the remote control for the bed to my kids to play with...and up and down he went.
The last time I saw him he was in a hospice and had been in a coma for some days. Benny Carter was playing on the stereo and I took his hand and said "hey Hugo, listen! its the King!" Hugo had played with Benny several times. He opened one eye and looked at me and whispered "Kresten. I love you" those were his last words to me."

Words by Kresten Osgood

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