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Treble Clef Audio: Our ‘Authentic’ Standard

The TCA-M Active Loudspeakers in a Danish Design furniture collaboration with Carl Hansen & Son Midtown Manhattan

Treble Clef Audio® and our Sound by design® principles exist to recreate an authentic sound experience through loudspeakers in environments beyond the original recording. Our loudspeakers are designed to emulate natural sound behaviour by imitating complex dispersion patterns from a sound source. In addition, Treble Clef Audio® Loudspeakers contributes no sound character of its own, avoiding colouration which particularly affects bass frequencies. The loudspeakers neutrality and natural behaviour as a sound source are hallmark features of Treble Clef Audio®. Read more here.

To us, authentic means - as the musicians, the producer, and the recording engineer originally intended and perceived their work. While our definition of authentic is ultimately subjective, achieving this illusion demands intense and precise research, science, and engineering.

A test of authenticity to our standard requires talented and experienced musicians, a producer and recording engineer in a creative, inspiring, and technically superb studio environment to create a reference work of art. These music creators must subsequently evaluate and judge their work for authenticity as reproduced by our loudspeakers in another room – not an easily arranged subjective test to conduct, but the most authoritative one we can imagine!

Sam Yahel, Kresten Osgood and Joe Lovano looking forward to their recording session
The Commemorative Plaque outside the Rudy Van Gelder Studio building

A Unique Recording at the Renowned Rudy Van Gelder Studio

On May 19th, 2024, Treble Clef Audio® had the great privilege and pleasure of JOE LOVANO (GRAMMY-WINNING SAXOPHONIST, COMPOSER AND PRODUCER, ECM RECORDING ARTIST), SAM YAHEL, and KRESTEN OSGOOD recording their trio at the "Most Storied Studio in Jazz": the Rudy Van Gelder Studio in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, USA. Today the studio is owned and operated by resident Engineer, MAUREEN SICKLER who recorded our session and many well-known ones in the history of jazz. We were also joined by Maureen’s husband, DON SICKLER (award-winning producer) who shared some of the amazing history of the Rudy Van Gelder Studio. The stories of renowned musicians recording countless well-known jazz albums at the studio are awe-inspiring for anyone who loves jazz and appreciates the studio’s legacy of clear sound since 1959.

During an eight-and-half-hour long, wonderfully creative and inspiring day, thirteen pieces were recorded. The trio then listened to all thirteen pieces, choosing five to test the authenticity and dynamic capabilities of the TCA-M Active Loudspeakers. After a busy day recording, we were grateful and honoured to have Maureen Sickler produce a rough mix with input from the musicians and Don Sickler to our selection of five pieces.

This mix was printed to high-resolution 24bit/96KHz digital files, ready to be presented and heard through the TCA-M Active Loudspeakers at an event the very next day, Monday 20th May 2024.

Joe Lovano expressing his experience of the TCA-M Active Loudspeakers
Sam Yahel explaining facets of music and sound as experienced through the TCA-M Active Loudspeakers
Kresten Osgood, Sam Yahel & Joe Lovano in conversation with guests at the SoHo HiFI Artists Loft

Putting Our Authentic Standard to the Test: North American launch of Treble Clef Audio® and our TCA-M Active Loudspeakers

The recordings from May 19th of five pieces were received from Maureen Sickler on May 20th, just prior to the inaugural event that day. Besides the staff and musicians at the Rudy Van Gelder Studio, no-one had heard the exclusive selection of music before.

With some nerves, we bravely put our Sound By Design® principles and patented acoustic platform to a public test. In New York City, on May 20th 2024, the North American launch of Treble Clef Audio® and our TCA-M Active Loudspeakers received an emotional reception from a mesmerised audience captivated by authentic sound.

The recording trio; JOE LOVANO, SAM YAHEL, and KRESTEN OSGOOD personally presented their five selected pieces replayed on the TCA-M Active Loudspeakers at the SoHo HiFi Artists Loft. The invited audience included lovers of music, design, and audio, as well as longtime audio journalist, Michael Fremer, who writes for Tracking Angle and The Absolute Sound publications. Having also accompanied the recording session at the Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Michael reflects on his experience here, featuring video clips and interviews from two eventful days of the NYCxDESIGN Festival 2024.

The presence of the trio members and their showcase of musical talent provided a stimulating environment for guests, leading to engaging discussions and insightful questions. The appreciation of cross-disciplinary fields in music, recording, and authentic Sound By Design® from the TCA-M Active Loudspeakers was received with great applause after each piece.

The North American launch during the NYCxDESIGN Festival 2024 was an exciting opportunity for Treble Clef Audio®️ to demonstrate the unique capabilities of our TCA-M Active Loudspeakers. After a memorable event and deeply moving experience, Team Treble Clef Audio expresses gratitude and admiration for all those involved who made it possible to to show how TCA-M Active Loudspeakers bring you closer to true musical performances.

Sam Yahel in talk with visitors about music, recording and sound
Visitors and the trio listening to their recorded music on the TCA-M Active Loudspeakers


"I was thrilled and honored to be a part of this first opportunity to introduce the Treble Clef Audio TCA-M Audio Design Loudspeakers in NYC. After recording an exclusive session for the purpose of this highly descriptive presentation by creator and founder Ole Siig, Kresten Osgood, Sam Yahel and myself spoke about the process of recording at the famed Rudy Van Gelder’s Studio and our views about its outcome. Listening to the captured music we created the day before through the TCA-M speakers was truly an EAR OPENING EXPERIENCE A MULTIDIMENSIONAL LIVE SWIRLING SOUND NEVER BEFORE HEARD OR FELT FILLED THE ROOM


“If heaven is made of sound, I visited it on may 19th and 20th. Listening to the way my drumming sounded in the Van Gelder studio with Maureen Sickler at the mixing board was an absolute thrill. Such clarity in the recording that it was almost textural. On the next day, hearing the mixed version on the TCA speakers was simply the best representation of my sound I have ever experienced on a recording. It was literally like being in the room at the drums while I was playing. As musicians we spend so much time perfecting our touch so we get the best acoustic sound on our instruments. So much time goes into working on that from all angles. During my 25+ year long career I have grown accustomed to the fact that my touch cannot be captured in the studio and is usually poorly represented on sound systems. I am not saying that all sound systems or recordings I have made sound bad..many are enjoyable but they are something else than what i am doing acoustically...and i have gotten used to that. So on may 20th when everything came together: amazing musicians, amazing studio, amazing engineer and amazing speakers I was in heaven.”


Visitors to The HiFi Artists Loft and Savant Experience Center Presentations:

"Sound, Superb. Design, niche. Materials, quality but a bit cold. Space, slick. Experience, welcoming, super impressive sound."

Joel Seigle

Below you can listen to excerpts of the TCA Private Music Vault Rudy Van Gelder Studio recordings from May 19th, 2024.

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A Unique and Very Special Gift to Treasure.

Existing and new Treble Clef Audio® customers will receive a High-Resolution 24bit/96KHz Digital Master Copy of the mixed and mastered full Rudy Van Gelder Studio Recording Session with JOE LOVANO. GRAMMY-WINNER, ECM RECORDING ARTIST (Tenor, G Mezzo Soprano Saxophones, Gongs & Percussion), SAM YAHEL (Hammond Organ and Piano) and KRESTEN OSGOOD (Drums).

Producer: Kresten Osgood
Recording: Maureen Sickler, Rudy Van Gelder Studio

Mixing and Mastering: TBA.

The Mixed and Mastered full recording session is expected to be available in Q3 2024.

Don Sickler, Ole Siig & Maureen Sickler - 23rd May, 2024 at the NYC Savant Experience Center
The Signature Model TCA-M Active Loudspeaker at the NYC Savant Experience Center

Treble Clef Audio® would like to thank Maureen and Don Sickler for hosting us at the Rudy Van Gelder Studio 19th May, 2024 for the eight-and-half-hour long recording session. The work Maureen and Don are doing to preserve and extend the legacy of the studio and the clear sounding jazz recording facilities is important!

We hope to be back to add more unique and inspiring recording sessions to the TCA PRIVATE MUSIC VAULT for sharing with our followers and customers.

It was a great honour and delightful surprise when Maureen and Don visited us the last day of the NYCxDESIGN Festival, hosted by the beautiful and impressive NYC Savant Experience Center.

Conversations about music and sound at the SoHo HiFi Artists Loft
Ole Siig in conversation about music and sound with guests at the SoHo HiFi Artists Loft