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Transformative Harmony: Partnership with Clip-Lok SimPak®

Custom made secure, reusable and sustainable Clip-Lok SimPak® TCA-M Active Loudspeaker shipping box

Consciousness, Creativity, and Craft

At Treble Clef Audio, our commitment to quality sound is in seamless harmony with our dedication to environmental stewardship. We believe that every note should not only resonate with perfection but also echo a commitment to sustainability. That's why, in our pursuit of excellence, we've found a kindred spirit in Clip-Lok SimPak®, a global leader in premium industrial packaging.

Unpacking starts by removing the top lid

Elevating Packaging Standards

Say goodbye to disposable packaging. Embrace the future of responsible shipping with our custom-made Clip-Lok SimPak® cases. Crafted with precision, these cases redefine protection and shipping for our TCA-M loudspeakers. More than just containers, they're a testament to our joint commitment to environmental responsibility.

The TCA-M Active Loudspeaker arrives at your doorstep in these reusable cases, ready to unveil a world of immersive sound. But our partnership with Clip-Lok goes beyond just sustainable packaging; it's a shared philosophy of building for life.

Easy no tools unpacking shipping box that can be flat packed and stored for reuse

Unpacking with Ease

We understand that the joy of audio excellence begins the moment you unpack your TCA-M Loudspeaker. That's why we've co-created this unparalleled unboxing experience, ensuring that from the first touch, you're immersed in the seamless integration of craftsmanship and accessibility.

Our TCA-M Loudspeakers arrive in custom-made Clip-Lok SimPak® cases, meticulously designed for protection and ease of handling. Crafted with precision, these reusable cases redefine the packaging game, elevating your unboxing experience to a new level.

Effortlessly roll your new TCA-M into perfection, with the included interchangeable wheels. Experience the auditory nuances in various settings until you find the perfect spot. It's an exploration of sound and space, simplified for your convenience.

Once you've discovered the ideal placement, our loudspeakers offer a smooth transition from wheels to the original TCA-M feet. Effortlessly swap them out to enjoy your audio masterpiece in its designated space. A hassle-free process that ensures your TCA-M seamlessly integrates into your chosen auditory haven.

Built for Life, Backed by Warranty

A Treble Clef Audio®, our loudspeakers aren’t just for audio marvel; they’re lifelong companions. We back our craftsmanship with a comprehensive 7-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our upgrade program. Your TCA-M loudspeaker isn't just a product; it's an evolving experience. With our upgrade program, you have the option to enhance your customised loudspeaker with future components and features.

TCA-M Product Spec

The TCA-M Active Loudspeaker securely locked onto its 1/2 size Europallet base

About Clip-Lok: Crafting Sustainable Solutions

Clip-Lok SimPak®, a global premium industrial packaging manufacturer, shares our vision for a world where excellence meets sustainability. Specialising in transport packaging solutions, Clip-Lok has been a trailblazer for over 30 years, offering bespoke solutions across various industries, including Automotive, Defence, Energy, and Healthcare.

Clip-Lok's commitment to sustainability is not just a practice; it's a promise. Their packaging solutions comply with ISPM15 international phytosanitary regulations, ensuring a responsible approach to international trade. This commitment extends to energy-efficient operations, waste reduction, and recyclability, aligning perfectly with Treble Clef Audio's ethos.

TCA-M Active Loudspeaker patented Air Velocity Bass Transducer

Joining Forces for a Harmonious Future

In partnering with Clip-Lok, Treble Clef Audio® isn't just redefining audio experiences; we're reshaping the future. Together, we aim to create a symphony where craftsmanship, quality, and sustainability coalesce. More than a partnership; it's a transformative harmony that resonates in every note and every packaging detail.

Embrace a new era of acoustic excellence and environmental responsibility with Treble Clef Audio and Clip-Lok SimPak®. Because when consciousness, creativity, and craft converge, the result is nothing short of transformative.

Our Brand Identity expressed in the smallest internal detail to the outside of our shipping solution

If you are interested in experiencing the sound for yourself, please don’t hesitate to reach out to organise a Private Listening Session at the TCA HQ, or secure a place on our invite list for coming events, to be announced.


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