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NYCxDESIGN 2024 Festival - Curious About Sound?

A pair TCA-M at a roof terrace room overlooking Copenhagen

HiFi Artists Loft by Treble Clef Audio® & THE SAVANT EXPERIENCE

Centred around our core value ‘Sound By Design®’, we have created a concept that balances the interconnection of sculptural forms that follow function, true to danish design traditions, whilst paying homage to the origin of Treble Clef Audio® as a brand. Born from a curiosity for sound, a fascination for science & an appreciation for beautiful craftsmanship, our Hifi Artists Loft will serve as an inspirational backdrop for deep sound immersion; delving into the essence of moving air molecules & sound frequencies through the experience of our TCA-M Active Loudspeakers.Sound possesses a unique ability to break down barriers, acting as the universal language of our world. From the gentle whispers of nature to the vibrant rhythms of city life, each sound carries its own narrative, waiting to be explored. Music serves as a unifying force, speaking to our emotions, memories, and shared experiences. Inviting us to discover the diverse range of human expressions.

Throughout the NYCxDESIGN Festival, we will be hosting various experiences to enlighten your curiosity for sound; and to kick it off, we invite you to our TCA Open House Party & Official US Launch on May 16th from 15.00 — 18.00.

Whether you want to join us for “Coffee & Curiosity Chats” or “Creative Consciousness & Sound Healing”, we can’t wait to welcome you into our HiFi Artists Loft & the SAVANT Experience Center.